Shanes Jones is an ass

John Armstrong: Maori Party risks cutting off options – 04 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

In responding to Pita Sharples assertion that the latest poll results make it easier for the Maori party to go into some sort of arrangement with National, Shane Jones showed what an arrogant pretneder he really is;

Shane Jones, Cabinet minister and previous chairman of Labour’s Maori caucus, was quick yesterday to treat Sharples’ comments in such fashion, referring to “Maori munchkins” attaching themselves “as minor appendages to the blue-rinse brigade”.

I bet the Maori party would rather they were treated with respect and understanding than abused as “the last cab off the rank” and “maori munchkins”.

In many ways the Maori Party has the easiest campaign. It has a defined and limited constituency. It has a focus on a constituency campaign rather than a party vote campaign. Those two things allow it to focus narrowly on policy areas that affect their constituents and that is the reason they are becoming more and more successful and more and more relevant to Maori and why, with attitudes like Shane Jones’ Labour are being seen as arrogant and taking Maori for granted.

There is much to be learned from the Maori Party in terms of campaigning and I know for sure that there were some in National some years back that came to much the same conclusion. That there needed to be a constituency based party campaigning locally, for instance an Auckland Party and then a Party vote campaigning party. The two could align or not as they saw fit. I believe that that is where MMP will head to if it lasts long enough to survive.

The way voters are feeling right now is that they are sick of minor parties wagging the dog and will deliver an emphatic result to ensure changes can be made. Right now the voters are showing that intent in the polls.