Silent march – Clark not listening

Silent march falls on (PM’s) deaf ears – 10 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

If anyone needed proof that Clark is out of touch with reality and with the electorate check out this quote in response to their draconian Electoral Finance Act.

“The problem with silent protests is that no one listens to them.”

Auckland University lecturer Bill Hodge, one not known for his right leaning views spoke to the crowd;

“Essentially what the act will deny voters is the freedom to be informed, so that they vote intelligently,” Dr Hodge told the protesters.

“The law is just bad legislation, and I feel Dr [Michael] Cullen has failed in his role as Attorney-General and should not continue in that office.”

Dr Hodge, a constitutional law expert who had not participated in any protests in Queen St since 1977, said he felt compelled to this time because he didn’t want New Zealand to have elections that were won in court rather than the ballot box

Still not listening Clark? Good, that’ll make your defeat even worse that you currently imagine. Nut wasn’t the march just a bunch of right-wing nutjobs?

Protester Ramesh Kunagaran, an immigrant from Malaysia, said waking up to the news that the Malaysian Government had had its worst result since independence at the country’s general elections last Saturday made him come to the march.

“I am a Labour supporter and I am worried that if they do not repeal this law, it could be the single issue that would bring them down,” he said.

“I come from a country where free speech and even the media are controlled, and I don’t want the same thing to happen in my new country – and from the Malaysian election results, I hope Labour can see that gagging is not the way to win elections.”

Still not listening Clark? Your own supporters hate this law.