Some days I feel like re-introducing the death penalty

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When I read news articles like this one I seriously consider that the death penalty is indeed justified in some instances. This is one such instance. Glen Dallas Goldberg, 38, is a bad bastard with no redeeming qualities. He should be marched to the scaffold at dawn (why do they execute you at dawn?) and hanged by the neck until dead. In his case nice and slow.

Suicide scene photos used by a prisoner to terrorise his former partner’s family were released to him under the Official Information Act (OIA) due to a coroner’s decision those particular images did not need to be withheld.

He was already serving six years for breaching protection orders and attempting to defeat the course of justice involving similar stalking activity.

In the latest offending Goldberg sent a flood of letters to his former partner’s family from prison.

One to his ex-partner’s mother included photographs taken by police of the scene where the mother’s defacto husband killed himself, though they did not show the body itself.

The photos were obtained by Goldberg from the Ministry of Justice under the OIA.

Oh and the coroner who released the photos should have his nether regions touched up with a cheese-grater.