State Owned Airline screwing the workers

Revealed: Air New Zealand’s mile-high pay gap – 15 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

I wonder what The Stranded, EPMU flunkies and labour client-blog will make of the news this morning that Air New Zealand and major employer of EPMU staff has been rorting Shanghai based cabin crew and paying them well below the minimum wage.

Air New Zealand’s Shanghai-based flight attendants are paid a quarter the salary of their NZ colleagues – less than the legal minimum wage here.

The Chinese attendants – who work side-by-side with New Zealanders on flights between Auckland and Shanghai – are also paid only a third of the allowances given to their Kiwi counterparts while they are working away from home.

Six Chinese Air NZ flight attendants told the Weekend Herald there had been “growing unhappiness about money issues” among staff.

One described the situation as “staff being disgusted at being treated like monkeys and being paid peanuts”.

Now we know how the airline retains its profitability on this route, it essentially uses cheap foreign labour.

Air NZ, which is 76 per cent-owned by the Government, said last night that the Chinese crew were employed by a company in China, and it was unfair to compare the salaries.

With respect Air New Zealand that is obfuscation and blatant rorting of the system. essentially that argument ends up with the cabin crew not working for Air New Zealand even though they wear Air new Zealand uniforms.

I’d like to see what the shareholding ministers think about this and look forward to Labour mouthpiece blogs condemning this practice.

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