Take a hike Banderton

Anderton slams ACT cut-price party pill sales – 20 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Banderton has tried to take ACt on Campus to task for selling party pills for a buck if people joined the party. Now considering that at the time of O-Week the pills were legal, no law had even been passed and even f they did it today they still wouldn’t be breaking the law.

Rodders backed his young apprentices;

ACT leader Rodney Hide said he was personally against drug taking, but it was not up to him to tell other adults what they should do with their lives.

“Young people are young people and people at universities tend to go to extremes, but you can’t smack their bums any more, that’s illegal too,” he told Radio New Zealand.

Banderton also took a swipe at Rodders;

Mr Anderton said he would love to debate the issue with Mr Hide in ACT’s lifeline seat of Epsom.

“I bet you there will be a few concerned parents in Epsom who are not appreciating ACT selling their kids at Auckland University harmful drugs at a cheap rate.”

I can’t quite work out if Jim is mad because they sold them cheaply or because they are supposedly harmful.

Jim Banderton though, should shut his trap when it comes to talking about parenting lest someone point out his less than stellar performance with his own kids.

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