Tax Cuts we will never see

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Cullen’s tax cuts are a mirage, tantalising in their shimmering apparition, devastating in their reality. You see most Kiwi’s will never see the tax cuts.

They will never see them because they have already been gobbled up by increased petrol prices, now increased taxes on fuel, especially in Auckland, to pay for trains we don’t want to and never will use, increased household commodity prices and the final insult of this Labour government higher interest bills on our mortgages to help pay for profligate government spending. Just wait till the taxes for Kyoto hit.

Labour are fucked and they are fucked by the perfect storm of an impending global recession and banking crisis, adherence to dodgy science in the form of “climate change” and out of control government spending.

Meanwhile the government sits there twiddling its collective fingers arguing about whether we will or wont have a recession. Newsflash Cullen, you can’t stop it if you tried.

So our long awaited tax cuts are a mirage, we will never get to see them. That is if Cullen doesn’t pull them first because right now every single one of his 4 rules would be broken by implementing them, proving the rules were just a convenient excuse to deny the public of New Zealand to keep a little more of their own hard earned cash.