The trial of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez, thug, tyrant and doyen of the international left has finally been called out over his support for terrorism and genocide.

Colombia says it will file charges against Venezuela?s President, Hugo Chavez, with the International Criminal Court, accusing him of providing assistance to Colombia?s largest rebel group as tension in the Andes intensified over Colombia?s foray into Ecuador to kill a senior guerilla commander.

Tensions escalated when Colombia?s President, Alvaro Uribe, said that he would file a complaint with the International Criminal Court accusing Mr Chavez of funding the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Colombian officials contend computer documents recovered in Saturday?s raid revealed Mr Chavez had given more than $US300 million ($322 million) to the FARC.

Bogota also said the computers revealed the guerillas were negotiating to obtain material to make a dirty bomb.

?Colombia proposes to denounce Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, in the international criminal court for sponsoring and financing genocide,? Mr Uribe said

I’m glad to see someone is standing up to Chavez, but the Greens, the Government and the Maori party have dropped the ball on this one. All three have never been above meddling in the affairs of other countries – whether it’s Keith Locke attacking Japanese culture, Helen Clark lamenting Al Gore’s loss or Hone Harawira pissing about in the outback they’ve all been happy to stick their noses in. But now? Silence.

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