This is Clarks "tonnes of ideas"!!!

Just a word or two in my ear please, Kev old mate – 04 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Pathetic, Clark goes over to put the mockers on Rudd and comes back mouthing platitudinous claptrap.

Prime Minister Helen Clark returned from her trip to Australia last week with more than the memory of an excellent meeting with new Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

She brought back some of his clever slogans and word association that helped him to tip John Howard from office so convincingly.

The phrase she has used in media interviews in the past 48 hours centres on Labour’s “plan for the future”.

Whoopy! Clark has new slogans….Must be all the influence of Clare Curran.

The only “plan for the future” of labour is endless years in opposition after being slaughtered by the cult of personality that is Clark’s modern Labour. Pithy statements about “plans for the future” won’t save them.