Up yours, Greenpeace

Kerre Woodham: Up yours, Greenpeace – 30 Mar 2008 – Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World – nzherald

Kerre Woodham is becoming conservative. She has joined the legions of conservatives that hate Greenpeace.

I devoted my time and charity dollar to other organisations. But the clear-eyed earnest things don’t take no for an answer – and I guess you wouldn’t if you’re getting up to $23 an hour for doing God’s work. You have to justify your grandiose hourly rate somehow. “Would you like to sign up to Greenpeace?” one young lovely asked as I charged past, clearly in a hurry. “No thanks,” I said. “Why not?” she asked, righteous indignation lacing her every consonant. “Don’t you want to save the planet?” “No,” I thought to myself. “No, I don’t. Not if you and your poxy, sanctimonious selves are running the bloody thing. Let the orb implode and take me with it.”

I icily informed her that I was happy going about saving the planet in my own way and perhaps she’d like to take herself down to Pak n’Save or the Mad Butcher’s because campaigning outside an organic health food shop seemed rather like coals to Newcastle. And we know how Greenpeace feels about coal.

Amen to that.

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