What would make NZ a better country

How to make NZ a better country – Sunday Star-Times – Sunday Star-Times

The Sunday Star-times ran this article. There are some brilliant comments.

BOB JONES, 68, property developer, Wellington

Everybody would be better off if we had a Roger Douglas-style 15% flat tax. Everyone would be richer, and everyone would be happier. It works. We’ve seen it in Slovakia they were in desperate straits, banged in a flat tax and the place is jumping. The lower the taxes, the richer the society and the more the government gets. I’d love to see that.

Amen to that Bob.

Dr PETER DADY, 63, cancer specialist, Wellington

My wish would be for an outbreak of common sense in the administration of the health system in this bloody country. A break in the relentless grinding stupidity in the way the health system is run. A nuclear device on the Ministry of Health would have too much fallout for the good people of Wellington, but it would make me feel a lot better. I used to sit in the offices of the Cancer Society, which overlook the Ministry of Health, and imagine the effect of setting up a mortar or a heavy machine gun and traversing through the health department. It made me so happy but I must not even think these things. It’s sad to see your life’s work deteriorating. I wish I could see some light at the end of the tunnel but you see boy wonder Cunliffe grandstanding in mortal combat with Hawke’s Bay Health and you think `oh God, it just goes on and on’.

Well, what more can one say? A Health professional in despair despite billions extra in Health funding.

BRIDGET SAUNDERS [no age], gossip columnist, Auckland

I would make it a corporal offence, punishable with a beating and huge fines, to drop cigarette butts in the street, or anywhere at all. They poison the little piece of earth they fall into, and there are millions of them going into the harbour every year.

Bridget the ever-green Greenie is becoming conservative as she nears 30.

RAYBON KAN [no age], comedian, Auckland

A more expressive, less inhibited culture … think Carnival in Rio, everywhere, all the time. And everyone stop asking what it means to be a New Zealander. The question stultifies. If we can have all that done by Wednesday, I’ll be happy.

Raybon as usual is completely irreverent. Meanwhile Nicky Hager is in la-la land.

NICKY HAGER, 49, writer, Wellington

Make housing affordability the top political priority. Most younger New Zealanders cannot afford to own a home and rents are crippling. Legislate strictly to control house price inflation permanently and start a massive programme of building secure, long-term public housing like modern cities in Europe.

I love the next one. Fantastic attitude of striving higher.

KEVIN BIGGAR, 39, ocean and polar adventurer, Auckland

Steeper mountains, spongier rocks. Bigger waves, softer water. Snowier winters and sunnier summer.

Barry Coleman for President for Life I think based on his wonderful comment.

BARRY COLMAN, 60, publishing multimillionaire, Auckland

Reintroduce the death penalty for anyone caught guilty of negative thinking, because that’s the biggest risk to New Zealand. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy you’ve got people talking the country down, talking prospects down, where in fact we live in a very lucky country and our prospects are extremely bright. We’ve got nothing to be negative about, and these people should be put in the square and hung.