When one lover is not enough

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An article in the DomPost about polyamorism, having more than one lover.

Honeys, I’m home, calls Zachary as he walks through the door. Three kisses for his partner Mary, sitting curled on the couch – one, two, three.

Moving to the other end of the couch, he deposits three kisses on Anna’s lips, one, two, three – and then a fourth.

Back to Mary, another kiss to even it up – and then another. And so on. “Sometimes Zachary spends a good 10 minutes going from one to the other,” laughs Mary.

Zachary and “his girls” are a menage a trois.

Zachary and Mary were married for about six years when they met Anna and invited her to move in. They have been together for a year.

Both women are bisexual; the relationship is known as a triad.

It think I need to know much, much more about this topic

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