Wally announces new ‘floating island’ gigayacht: the WallyIsland

This “boat” makes Owen Glenn’s Ubiquitous look like a dinghy. At 325 feet the WallyISland is almost three times the size of Owen’s little tub.

Little more than a decade after beginning in business, Monaco-based Wally Yachts continues to develop innovative concepts and minimalist luxury at a rate exceeding any other marine design house on the planet. The company’s latest is the WallyIsland ? a 99 meter (325 feet) “gigayacht” that dwarfs the vast majority of luxury megayachts and reconceives the yacht as a floating personal island, a mobile address that can be used as a home, an entertaining space or even a moving exhibition or show space.

In decades gone by, a 180-foot personal superyacht was enough to establish yourself as a seriously wealthy owner ? but over the last ten years, in the spirit of excess, the megayacht emerged, at over 220 feet long. And when the ostentatious mega-rich start competing, enormous isn’t nearly big enough. Over the last ten years, several yachts have been built over the 320-foot mark.