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Raytheon tests bunker-busting Tandem Warhead System

I want this for a job. Blowing things up! In this case a 330 ton hunk of concrete 20 feet thick.

If you’re sitting behind a 20 foot thick wall of compressed, steel-reinforced concrete you could be forgiven for feeling somewhat invulnerable to outside attack – but think again. Raytheon has developed a new bunker-busting conventional warhead technology which is lighter and more powerful than current conventional systems. The Tandem Warhead System achieved penetration of 19 feet, 3 inches in a 330-ton, reinforced concrete block during tests conducted in late January and the technology could be applied to any strike weapon system within in 18 months.

The new Tandem Warhead System consists of a shaped-charge precursor warhead backed by a follow- through penetrator explosive charge. The January 31 test saw more than 110 million foot-pounds of energy delivered to the target in under 10 milliseconds using a 1,000-pound-class warhead. This set a new penetration record by punching through all but the last 9-inches of a 20-foot, 330-ton, steel rod-reinforced concrete block rated at 12,600 pounds per square inch compressive strength. According to Raytheon most conventional weapons in the same weight class cannot penetrate targets rated at more than 6,000 psi.

Check out the Before and After photos!

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