Youtube set to offer live channels

YouTube to challenge TV with live channels – 03 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: Technology News, views and comment from New Zealand and the World

I said to anyone who would listen a couple of years ago that Youtube will change the face of election campaigning. Today we hear that Youtube is going to allow live channels. This will give bloggers the ability to blog live to camera.

The move will further blur the distinction between traditional TV broadcasters and online delivery systems. In its first seven weeks the BBC’s iPlayer was used to stream or download 17 million TV programmes on to computers, while ITV, Channel 4 and Sky also have growing web services.

Sites such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes sell thousands of films and TV programmes for download and new companies such as Joost offer “TV on the internet”.

A number of video streaming websites already exist but they are regarded by sceptics as largely a platform for garrulous teenagers and mindless minutiae.

One of those sites is Unfortunately they are right in that it is largely populated by teens being asked to strip by viewers….Youtube will blitz any other live-cast providers.

I can certainly see a live-cast of the election here to see if bloggers can do better than the MSM in election night progress. Potential sponsors should contact me directly.