Absolute Power – Heather Simpson revealed

Chapter 10 of Ian Wishart’s Absoute Power is a devastating never before published outline of the politicisation of the public service under the complete meddling control of Heather Simpson. For those who don’t know Heather Simpson or H2 is Helen Clark’s proxy in all things and her chief executioner.

Reproduced with Permission

The Madeleine Setchell/Erin Leigh/Clare Curran saga is reprehensible. Even more so when you find out about the grimy fingers of H2 all over it. Remember how Trevor Mallard got up in Parliament and attacked Erin Leigh’s competence, well he was running the spin from none other than H2 who had actually written the 6 drafts that were eventually discarded.

Reproduced with Permission

Do yourself a favour and trot down to Whitcoulls or some other reputable bookstore and buy yourself a copy and educate yourself in the machinations of Helen Clark and the Labour Party.

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