An open letter to the absentee candidate

Dear Jordan,

The other day I heard you had been selected as the candidate in Hunua. This came as a surprise to me, but it will be even more surprising to the people of Hunua when they discover you are their candidate.

Firstly, do you intend to actually step foot in Hunua, and if so, when? The rest of my questions sort of hinge on this one. It would be unfair to apply such a high level of scrutiny to you if you continue to be a candidate in (an unrecognised) name only.

If you do intend to enter the electorate, I think you have a responsibility to engage in a dialogue with people regarding your real values. To kick off this dialogue, I have prepared a series of questions for you to answer.

Do you support the politicisation of Parliamentary Services?

In 2004 you wrote of the need to “rip away” the “non-political” “fig leaf of Parliamentary Services”

Do you still consider yourself to be on the “radical edges” of the Labour party, working to achieve a “worker’s paradise”? If not, have your views really changed or are you practising the “gradualist strategy” you wrote of in 2002?

These quotes are taken from an edition of “Future Lefts”, the Young Labour newsletter you edited.

Would you encourage the international community to take military action against Israel to enforce UN resolutions?

In a 2003 edition of the Socialist Worker Monthly Review you wrote that world opinion ?on the Palestine/Israel conflict ? [should be] enforced with … the vigour Iraq is currently facing?

Do you stand by your statement in 2004 that “war is working people fighting each other, at the bidding of the fat cats,”?

Do you stand by your statement in 2004 that “the United States armed services are predominantly people we might call ?white trash?,”?

Do you stand by your classification of the United States as an “empire” that “calls itself a democracy,”?

Do you stand by your statement in 2004 that the Republican party “has been built on racism among working class whites” with a “get your bitch ass in the kitchen and cook my eggs and pop my sprogs” mentality?

In 2004 you supportively linked to an article in the New Left Review, quoting the excerpt below:

Washington?s military-imperialist thrust into Central Eurasia, at first deplored by right-minded pillars of the status quo as an over-reaching adventure, has become the basis of a new world consensus: the hegemon must not be allowed to fail. The first, elementary step against such acquiescence is solidarity with the cause of national liberation in Iraq. The US-led forces have no business there. The Iraqi maquis deserves full support in fighting to drive them out.

Later that year, you wrote “[I] find myself wishing the insurgency [in Iraq] every success”. Do you support the insurgency in Iraq and are you sympathetic to the views expressed in the excerpt above?

Do you stand by your statement in 2004 that “Iraq’s economy will likely become a branch of Wall Street with economic policy determined by the invaders not the Iraqis,”?

Do you stand by you statement in 2004 that America’s national interest has been “constructed as inimical to global interests for quite some time,”?

These quotes are taken from various postings on your blog made in 2004.

You have a record of making statements that would suggest you have a radical agenda cloaked beneath a “gradualist approach”. Are you going to stand in Hunua as Jordan Carter the radical or Jordan Carter the moderate? Your views seem to be completely out of step with those even of the party that nominated you. I think it is imperative that you clarify, withdraw, re-affirm or distance yourself from comments you have made in the past before you can credibly stand for election.


Steady Eddy