Annette King should resign

War against billion-dollar P trade being lost – King – 01 May 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Annette King has raised the white flag and started a retreat reminiscent of French Armies over methamphetamine.

Her concession that the authorities are struggling to win the war against P comes in a new Cabinet paper setting out Government policies to target organised crime.

The Government set up a joint agency approach to tackling P in 2003.

Measures included reclassifying it as a Class A drug and creating a Methamphetamine Action Group.

But , methamphetamine-related cases as a percentage of all cases sent to the High Court have risen from 41 per cent in 2004 to 54 per cent in 2006.

If the senior cabinet minister responsible for law and order puts her hands up and and essentially concedes that they have lost the war on meth then if she had any decency she would resign forthwith. She won’t of course because decency and honour are two words that labour ministers are unfamilair with.

We need a government that will stand up to drug dealers, if necessary with force. We need a corrections policy of time sentenced=time served and we need to sever the heads of the hydra of the gangs immediately and with lethal force.

The gang and drug problem could be solved overnight if the government really was committed to ridding this country of the scourge of meth. I hear the going rate for Serb assassins is only a measly $50k. Hire a 1000 of them and task them to co-ordinate an single night attack on all the gangs simultaneously starting at the top and kill all the leaders, round up the rest and chuck them in the Auckland Islands to survive on their wits, for, oh, 50 years. Problem solved overnight.

You see the problem is a strech of 10 years and getting out after only one third of your sentence is a lark for these guys. Certain death or life on a desolate island isn’t a prospect many would want.

I reckon we need a tiered approach. Something like possession gets 5 years, no parole, dealing gets 50 years, manufacture gets death and organising distribution and money laundering death as well. That’ll sort it. After two years there’d be fuck all drug dealers on the streets, they’d either be in a box or in the slammer.