April Fool stunts

Scoop: Newmarket signs fashion contract with Helen Clark
Media whore and Pork Chop’s handbag just had to pull one, a April Fool’s trick that is.

Scoop: Plans to Launch a Revolutionary New Hydrobus
Intercity coaches thought a Hydrobus would be a good idea.

Scoop: Rats to find Frogs
Proof that some civil service aren’t humourless twats, DoC announced that they were going to use trained rats to locate native frogs.

Of course there was the Anderton Tinnie house stunt. Along with Act on Campus online bid to sell BZP pills. They even caught out the fools at The Stranded who were decidedly uppity when it was pointed out to them. Well done MikeE and co, one thing is for sure the sooks at The Stranded don’t like it up ’em.

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