Aussies flipping the bird at China

Australian leg of Olympic torch relay in jeopardy | WORLD | NEWS |

After Kevin Rudd told the China what was what the people of Australia are also flipping the bird to the Chinese who must surely by now be getting sick of day after day of embarrassing pictures of the Nazi inspired torch relay.

Australian great Dawn Fraser has said she won’t go to Beijing as well.

“I do believe China is not doing the right thing and as far as their human rights are concerned,”

Meanwhile Rudd has said the “Blue Shirts” aren’t welcome, the “Blue Shirts are the Chinese thugs “guarding” the flame. The more I see of Rudd the more impressed I am with him.

Coach says Chinese worried about Beijing boycott – 10 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand and International Sports News

Chinese athletes are now worried about the growing calls to boycott the Olympics.

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