Axis of Weasel strike again

Conservator Occidentalis: Sleaze from a Labour candidate

Tory Ted, incidentally his blog is really very good, has spotten another Weasel in the wild so to speak.

This time it is Brendan Sheehan attempting to silence Michael Laws from having a say on the public health system because, get this, because his daughter used it!!!

Worse still the Corpse Cuddler bring Laws family into the argument in a particularly nasty way.

In a bizarre Sunday-Star Times column today Michael Laws attacks the health system, claiming that it is ‘stuffed’.

This seems a very strange criticism from a man who not only last year successfully sought election to a District Health Board, but whose own daughter has very recently – and very publicly – received extensive (and very expensive) treatment at Starship Hospital. In fact given the care his family received – and continues to receive – his attack can be best described as rank hypocrisy.

This man is an outrage, not only did he mercilessly use the family of a dead arguaby self terminated fat woman to achieve political gains he has also used that publicity to get Clark to cuddle the corpse and secure a selection for Labour because of it.

Apparently now anyone who has ever or who has a relative who has ever used the public health system isn’t fit to comment or criticise the said system.

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