Back-stabbing going on in Labour

Craig Foss MP: HBDHB : Labour breaking ranks

Craig Foss has intimated that all is not well in the Labour caucus with outright whispers to the enemy (him) about Cunliffe and the HBDHB scandal that is far from done yet. What then to make of this list;

* A Labour Minister has said, (about the Community Services Contract) : “We were told to defend this thing to the end…”
* A Labour Minister has said, (about the accusations against sacked board members in the house), “Don’t worry, not too serious, that’s just politics and Parliament”.
* A Labour Minister has said, (about Cunliffe and the sacking)”…his strings are being pulled from higher up.”
* A Labour MP has apoligised to at least one of the sacked DHB members and acknowledged that the MOH report has blamed the wrong people.

Cunliffe may well be the patsy lickspittle set up by Clark and King to take the rap and to quell his obvious ambitions for the leadership.

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