Bhatnagar vs. Tizard

Auckland Blog: A run in with Judith Tizard

Aaron blogs about a particularly nasty little interlude he had today with Judith Tizard. She is very angry with Aaron, he wondered if perhaps she was mad because he has variously publicly called her “lightweight, arrogant, lazy, and someone who has done nothing for Auckland.”

But no she was mad because apparently he had told her niece that Aunty Judith has lost her virginity to Mat Rata (or is that Rat Mata) in the backseat of a car. To make matters worse for Judith, Aaron retorted that he was aware she had lost her virginity but until now hadn’t known it was the backseat of a car (reportedly a Holden).

I agree with Aaron when he says “if she isn’t good enough for Auckland Issues, she’s not good enough for Auckland Central.”

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