Bill Ralston: Government blinded by fear

Bill Ralston: Government blinded by fearThe Prime Minister has gone off me. I keep hearing from colleagues that she has been complaining loudly about these columns and my work on Radio Live’s drive show in the afternoons, when I often interview politicians. Apparently she… [NZ Politics]

Unlike Bill Ralston I have never, ever considered Helen Clark or indeed any other socialist a friend. It is something I am proud of. Bill on the other hand is mortified that Dear leader should be a little pissy with him claiming he has gone “Tory”. Apart from the fact that the epithet is largely meaningless to most people it makes it sound like it is something terrible which it demonstrably is not. Bill tries to explain his conversion to Toryism in words the Prime minister can understand.

We’ve known each other since university days and I’ve always been moderately liberal in outlook, so she is puzzled by my criticism of the Government.

I have not had a road to Damascus experience and decided National is the way, the truth and the light.

It is simply that this Government has been in power for nine years and after that length of time it is inevitable it will have done things that provoke criticism.

But wait he even give Dear Leader a warning so she doesn’t choke on her Hubbard’s Best organic cereal.

Labour will lose the next election because of its arrogance and inability to focus on what is important.

Indeed they will and there is not a single thing they can do that will make a blind bit of difference while the old war-horses from the seventies are still there when they should be at the glue factory. Instead of focusing on the housing market tanking, investments in dodgy finance companies evaporating, out of control food prices, rampant inflation caused by out of control government spending and iconic NZ firms looking for a better deal elsewhere they seem to be focused on the Smiling Assassin as they sink further and further into a terminal case of Key Derangement Syndrome.
Labour has become obsessed by John Key. The Government launched a campaign of ridicule to try to dent his credibility and at every opportunity it seeks to portray him as some kind of evil mastermind plotting to sell the family silver and deliver us into some kind of globalised bondage.

For many of us these attacks don’t ring true. Key is a quietly spoken, thoughtful sort of guy, obviously bright but somewhat colourless.

He is not Hannibal Lecter and all attempts to convince us that he is are doomed to fail.