Clark attends Nazi conference?

hat tip No Minister

Nazi logo
Helen Clark has been attending the Progressive Governence Conference in London. The UK government has paid for the conference and for the logo shown.

Looks like a swastika to me, is this the Third Way, or is it the Fourth Reich lead by Socialists. Read the second post and associated comments from Iain Dale about it, see if you can spot similar behaviour here from the leftists.

In a comment on that thread I predicted they’d remove the page and say “Nothing to see here, move along please”. Well, my powers of foresight are greater than I had imagined. Now you can only see the page if you have a password. The Progressive Summit is still taking place tomorrow. I suspect a Conference Staging company is working overnight (at our expense) redoing all the backdrops.

Then there is the first comment from Wrinkled Weasel which is eerily familiar to any frequenter of the NZ blogosphere.

What I find interesting is how the Government responded.

We now know they routinely scan blogs like this for stories. We know they employ party apparatchiks as anonymous or ad hoc posters. We know they usually panic first and plan afterwards.

This time, the “strategy” (if you can call a couple of panic measures a strategy) was to firstly try and trivialise your story or to suggest it was a non story or in this case, to turn the story on its head and somehow imply that you are a Nazi for actually spotting this.

This must be policy because it happens nearly every time you run stories like this that subsequently turn out to have substance. Someone always turns up who has never posted before or who does not have a credible identity – an “ad hoc” poster – in this case it seems to be someone calling himself “Martyn”
He has all the hallmarks of a Nulab cyberthug.

Gee, sounds exactly like Tane doesn’t it.
In case you are in any doubt Guido Fawkes has animated the logo for us.

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