Colin thinks his brother over-egged the pudding

On the House –

Colin Espiner ever so politely chides his brother, of course he doesn’t mention his name and only uses TVNZ to describe the bullshit beatup that Guyon Espiner did yesterday over climate change.

On another issue, is anyone else puzzled by TVNZ?s lead story last night? Two National MPs, Lockwood Smith and Maurice Williamson, allegedly don?t ?believe? in climate change. What? Quelle horreur! Have them arrested at once! Surely this is a hanging offence now in this country?

For a start, I?d be amazed if the Right-leaning and ultra-dry, cynical and conservative Locky or Maurice did accept the science behind climate change. Not that TVNZ had any proof of this, besides the pair?s refusal to state on the record that they were ?believers?.

It has been going around the traps that both MPs have made scoffing noises at a couple of private gatherings about climate change. But so what? Both told TVNZ they accepted and supported National?s party policy, which is that climate change is a real and present danger. So what?s the problem here? I?d be staggered if all 48 National MPs did accept climate change. After all, Key himself is a relatively recent convert.

Exactly, the National Party unlike the Helenised Labour Party allows its MP’s and member to have differing opinions. It is what makes policy discussions interesting and people different. Colin points out the new religionist aspects of this hub-bub.

Isn?t it interesting the religious overtones that have crept into this debate? We talk about ?believing? in climate change, and having ?converted? to it. It?s like a new branch of Scientology.

Heh! and they have that fruit cake Tom Cruise as their spokesman, Warmists have another fool and proven liar, Al Gore, as their messiah.

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