Democrats beating each other to death while McCain laughs

RealClearPolitics – Articles – The Democratic Tribes at War

Michael Barone from RCP explores the destructive war between the two camps vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination. The party is being split from within as Clinton tries to cling on to some semblance of political credibility.

Exit polls have shown that the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has produced deep divisions among Democratic constituencies. It looks something like tribal warfare. Whites have voted, if you average the results from the states, 53 percent to 39 percent for Clinton; blacks, 80 percent to 17 percent for Obama; Latinos, 58 percent to 39 percent for Clinton; Asians, in California (the one primary state where they’re numerous enough to gauge), 71 percent to 25 percent for Clinton.

The differences in voting by the young, overwhelmingly for Obama, and the elderly, overwhelmingly for Clinton, are as large as any I can remember in either a primary or general election. Upscale voters are heavily for Obama; downscale voters are heavily for Clinton.

As the contest has continued, increasing percentages of Clinton and Obama voters say they wouldn’t vote for the other candidate against John McCain.

By the time this contest finishes the Democrats will have expended vast amounts of money and destroyed their party in the process, McCain on the other hand will have salted away his funds and has unified the party behind him.

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