DomPost flays Labour

Editorial: The phone is off the hook – Editorials – The Dominion Post

The DomPost has used Mike Moore’s famous words to describe Labour’s support flight.

“The phone is off the hook”

Yes that would be true if we are looking at Labour’s problem through 20th century eyes. Unfortunately for Labour as they contemplate investing in Michaels big train set they seem to be focussed on the past and nineteeth century solutions. National in stark contrast is looking forwards. Thus the line really needs to be something like “We’ve gone mobile while Labour sits at home waiting for the phone to ring”.

…Labour’s preoccupations – income redistribution, what’s on sale at school tuckshops, smacking and electoral laws – are not the concerns of tradespeople weighing the benefits of a higher income in Australia against the loss of access to New Zealand’s family-friendly environment, young couples who can see nothing but a lifetime of debt ahead of them when they contemplate the dream of home ownership, and patients who can’t have operations because of a shortage of specialists or because junior doctors and hospitals are acting out a ridiculous pantomime.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than by the time and effort Labour has wasted on the Electoral Finance Act. It has turned an easily solvable problem, the Exclusive Brethren’s underhand attempt to secretly help National during the last campaign, into a never-ending saga by trying to use the Brethren campaign as an excuse to stymie other critics and to increase the advantage of incumbency by allowing sitting MPs to spend parliamentary funds on their campaigns. But it has done such a bad job that no one, not even the minister in charge of the legislation, now knows what MPs can legally do.

I think it is particularly ironic that the single biggest thing that has put the hurt on this meddling government has been their own silly Electoral Finance Act, and I would also like to think that it was the blogosphere, in particular David Farrar and myself who have put the most hurt on as well.
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