Go Ahead…Sue him if you can

TBR.cc: Go ahead…sue me

Ian Wishart has laid down a challenge to those named in his latest book Absolute Power to sue him if they can.

The two top cops aren’t the only ones who will be crapping their pants as Wishart’s book hits the stands tomorrow.

I have had a copy of the book for over a week (thanks Ian) and let me tell you there are things in there that show up very clearly the lie that is Helen Clark. You cannot but come to the opinion based on the mounting evidence chapter after chapter that Helen Clark is a liar and has lied her entire life and she continues to lie almost unchallenged until now that is.

The best part of Wisharts book is that he taken Clark’s own words and hung her with them. He has carefully traced almost everything she has said in print and in the media since 1975, together with the words of her friends and joined the dots.

Upon joining the dots Wishart has discovered that the picture that has emerged is not the air-brushed and sanitized picture of Helen Clark the New Zealand public has been sold.

The dots just do not align. Not only from her own words but also from the pure fact of electoral rolls and other public legally obtained information.

The fact that Wishart has put it all together shows that the information is there for all to see if only they would look. In a stark contrast with the left’s idol, Nicky Hager, Wishart’s book is based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not a bunch of supposedly stolen emails mixed in with the fabrications of Hager’s own twisted mind.

Those with a political bent will remember the instances of Clark’s lies and cover-ups and now for the first time they are all put together in an anthology of a now proven liar – Prime Minister Helen Clark.

There is one hing only to say to Clark if she doesn’t like this book and that is “Diddums”

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