Government meddling has gone too far

No mention of appeal by Canadians after failed airport bid – 11 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand Business, Markets, Currency and Personal Finance News

Government meddling has gone far too far. Today two ministers have done exactly what was expected of them and decided to say no to the AIAL Canadian bid.

This is rank and stinky. Expect the government to be sued by the Canadians. Expect the 50,000 Mum and Dad shareholders to be mad as cut snakes as the Canadian bid was the best thing around and now they stand by and watch as the government destroys even more shareholder wealth.

Kneejerl political opportunism is what this is and playing with other peoples investments while they are at. Fucking, meddling socialists. If the airport is so strategic why don’t they stump up and buy the fucking thing instead of wrecking peoples wealth.

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