How very third world

Soaring prices fuel call to end GST on food – 28 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

When Clark came to government almost nine long years ago, she promised us that she would take us to the top half of the OECD. Since then she has certainly achieved that, but in all the wrong areas. Interest rates, crime, child abuse all top half of the OECD. On not one of the indicators that Kiwis would like has her government come close to getting to the top half and in most we have actually slipped.

So it is with interest I read today in the Herald that Kiwis can no longer afford fresh milk and are now buying milk powder instead. We are now only a step away from the third world under this government where milk powder is given to us by aid agencies.

People who call for GST to be removed from anything are extremely short sighted. It won’t work for long and leads to calls for further exemptions for all manner of pet reasons by single issue stirrers.

One other thing that also raises questions is Michael Cullen saying that food prices are set globally, and he is dead right, but somehow he forgot that the sub-prime crisis in the US couldn’t possibly affect us in little ole NZ. If the sub-prime crisis couldn’t hurt us Michael then how come international food price can? Both positions cannot be true, either they both affect us or they both don’t. Oh I wish some journalists would ask the hard questions of the ex-history lecturer.

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