In Wellington

Whaleoil is Wellington.

I attended parliament yesterday and watched the nasty party continue their policy of personal denigration. Labour though got smashed about and the best part of question time is when Pansy Wong nailed Winston right between the eyes, and then the most inept and useless Speaker ever in New Zealand proved why it is she holds those epithets.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Has the Minister got any reports that at one point in our recent history Canada, and Montreal in particular, had more Chinese millionaires than any other country, except that the millionaires all had the same million?a revolving-door policy that the National Party had duplicated here in New Zealand, and which Pansy Wong knows all about?

Madam SPEAKER: Again, the first part of the question is in order.

Pansy Wong: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I take exception to knowing anything about revolving doors. Unlike New Zealand First, I am actually very na?ve about those scams.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: It is not often that a member of Parliament gets up and displays his or her ignorance, but the member just said that she had no idea what the party she joined, the National Party, was doing on immigration when it had its million-dollar investor categories. If National members can share that, then it just shows how perversely stupid they have become.

Madam SPEAKER: No, the member has taken exception. Would the Minister please just withdraw and apologise.

Hon SHANE JONES: The rules concerning the?

Madam SPEAKER: Would the Minister please just withdraw and apologise. The member took exception to what you said.

Hon SHANE JONES: I withdraw and apologise.

Hon Darren Hughes: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I do not think that Ms Wong had taken offence at what Mr Jones had said.

Madam SPEAKER: My apologies. Would whoever offended whom please apologise so that we can move on.

Hon Paul Swain: On the basis of that, Madam Speaker, I think the Minister should withdraw his withdrawal and apology.

Madam SPEAKER: No, I am sorry. If the Rt Hon Winston Peters gave offence, would he please just withdraw and apologise so we can move on. The House has become somewhat sensitive.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I withdraw and apologise.

The silly cow made Shane Jones apologise for what Winston Le Penters said.