John Armstrong: Labour calls, but no one's listening

John Armstrong: Labour calls, but no one's listeningToday’s Herald -DigiPoll survey is grim reading for Labour for reasons other than the obvious.

It’s not just that it has slipped a further 5 percentage points behind National. The party’s frustration is that this has happened… [NZ Politics]

In the army when drill instructors are trying to make a point about how pathetic their charges are they yell at you, usually 2 inches from your face “I can’t hear you!”, and that is exactly what the voters are saying to Labour.

John Armstrong, who I must say his photo bears no resemblance to the grumpy old bastard who scowls down from the gallery every sitting day, is usually a shill for the Labour party. not today he isn’t, though he does but try despite all the mounting bad news for government more than 60% of the electorate wouldn’t vote for.

But there has been no payoff in the polls. Sometimes a mood shift in the electorate can take time to register in the polls. Labour will be praying that this is the case. But that is really clutching at straws.

The electorate’s mood gives every appearance of having solidified. Not only have voters taken the phone off the hook, in Labour’s case, they have buried it deep in the bottom drawer.

And not only in Labour’s case. NZ First’s waving of the flag of economic nationalism combined with an injudicious bit of Asian-bashing has done nothing to lift its stocks.

Armstrong then continues the the journo line that wily old Winston will ride again despite the fact that his xenophobia message is no longer being heeded. largely because the yellow peril he has talked about in every election year since 1996 has never occurred. Kiwi’s are quite happy thank you very much with their new Asian neighbours and so the xenophobia calls do not resonate. having wasted three paragraphs telling us nothing new about Winston he is forced to return to the Labour Party and again he has bad news to deliver.

Now when your biggest shill in the media is telling you that your “Slippery” tag for John Key isn’t working for you, instead it is working in favour of John Key then you know that your single tactic for the election has just been destroyed. People are just not buying the “Slippery” tag.

Labour are screwed because they have tried everything to dis-credit John Key and it isn’t working, as a party that has based their entire election year strategy on denigration they must surely now be trying frantically to come up wit something positive.