King says Prime Minister talking rubbish

New Zealand Parliament – 4. Election Advertising?Government Department Material

In the house today Annette King suggested that “everything the member has said is total rubbish.” When asked a question about believing Helen Clark. Here it is;

Hon Bill English: Why should anyone take seriously Helen Clark?s promise that material produced by Government departments will not be used by the Labour Party, when she would have been discussing exactly these issues with Mike Williams, the President of the Labour Party, for the last 2 years; when she would have been directing staff in her own office, who have been sending out emails about this material; and when Labour before the last election promised to count the pledge card as an electoral expense, then, 2 days after the election, withdrew that promise?

Hon ANNETTE KING: Because everything the member has said is total rubbish.

And you know what, for once I believe Annette King and agree with her. Everything the Member for Mt Albert say IS total rubbish.

Clark cannot claim she didn’t know about the so-called “statement from the floor”. I certainly don’t believe that. The Labour Party IS Helen Clark, she rules it with and iron fist, Mike Williams knows this too and further no-one in Labour is encouraged to air their ideas, to do so risks a serious smackdown from Clark. She has built the party in her image, the photo-shopped one, and now the paint has worn thin and we can all see the crooked teeth, the crooked smile coming from a crooked woman.