Know your Weasel: Jordan "Hollow Man" Carter

The absentee candidate for Hunua Jordan Carter has made some interesting comments over the years and now many are coming back to haunt him. in 2004, Carter wrote of the need to “rip away” the “non-political” “fig leaf of Parliamentary services”. What’s your position on this now Mr Carter?

Do you support using Parliamentary Service staff in a political capacity?

Will you tell the people of Hunua – when you bother to make it to the electorate – that you support politicising Parliamentary Services? If elected, will you lobby within caucus to allow Parliamentary resources to be used to fund political parties?

Carter needs to respond but I don’t have a lot of confidence in his answers. In a 2002 edition of the Young Labour newsletter I have in front of me, Carter claimed to be on the “radical edges” of the Labour party. He wrote of a strategy he labeled the “Gradualist approach. Move as fast and as far as you can” to build a “worker’s paradise” “without pissing everyone off, and losing the next election.”

Carter is a radical by his own admission. He needs to reveal his self confessed “radical” agenda for creating a “worker’s paradise” in order to give the people of Hunua a chance to evaluate who he really is and what he really stands for. If not, he will truly deserve the title of a hollow man.