Know your Weasel: Jordan "Jimmy" Carter

Some may be surprised at the amount of space I am dedicating to Carter, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Today I’ll canvass Carter’s pre-2005 comments, the rest will come in due course.

2004 was a year when American politics couldn’t be avoided. Locked in a heated Presidential race, political junkies on both sides of the divide couldn’t take their eyes off the action. Labour’s absentee candidate in Hunua was one of these but in commenting on the election, he crossed a line of decency that I think would restrict his capacity to work in a Government dealing with a Republican administration in the States.

Carter wrote that the Republican party “has been built on racism among working class whites” with a “get your bitch ass in the kitchen and cook my eggs and pop my sprogs” mentality. He went on to claim that “If the Republicans win [the 2004 election] then the whole planet is completely fucked. No response to global warming. No building of a new international framework. No success in ending terrorism. No end to preemptive wars.” Charming.

Later in the year he linked supportively to an article in the New Left Review by Susan Watkins where she wrote:

Washington’s military-imperialist thrust into Central Eurasia, at first deplored by right-minded pillars of the status quo as an over-reaching adventure, has become the basis of a new world consensus: the hegemon must not be allowed to fail. The first, elementary step against such acquiescence is solidarity with the cause of national liberation in Iraq. The US-led forces have no business there. The Iraqi maquis deserves full support in fighting to drive them out.

His sympathy with fellow radicals showed through in November 2004 when he wrote
“Iraq’s economy will likely become a branch of Wall Street with economic policy determined by the invaders not the Iraqis”. In the same month he wrote ” [in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal] find myself wishing the insurgency every success”. He went on to say America’s national interested has been “constructed as inimical to global interests for quite some time”.

After the US election he posted the following picture:

Along with the following commentary:

I hate George W Bush

In the spirit of the traditional primal scream in respones to loss, I said “I’m sorry, but it’s true. I really do. I hate the bastard.” Possibly a little strong, but you get the idea.

Some thoughts:

* more US civil rights will be eroded.
* the draft will be introduced.
* Bush will go for broke, now he has no more terms to fight for.
* the Dems are screwed. Daschle lost; their own leader.
* There is the vaguest possibility that Kerry could come back on specials.
* The Dems need to mobilise their base better. Clinton H would be good at this.

Basically, all I can say is: help. The world is screwed, and I do not say that lightly. More sensible response later.

It’s unclear whether or not Carter still stands by these comments or whether he is abandoned them as part of his “gradualist” strategy to foist his self-confessed “radical” agenda on unsuspecting New Zealanders.