Know your Weasel: Jordan "Moorehead" Carter

What do Jordan Carter and Sunni terrorist group the Rashedeen Army have in common?

Quite a lot it seems. Both apparently seem to support violence against Israel and both have used Michael Moore’s hate-film Fahrenheit 9/11 to garner support.

In 2004 Jordan Carter organised a showing of the controversial film at a Labour party fundraiser. The decision to show the film, noted for it’s gross inaccuracies, suggests a degree of political naivety but is by no means a career ending mistake. Carter’s response however, is.

In 2004 he wrote:

war is working people fighting each other, at the bidding of the fat cats. The United States armed services are predominantly people we might call ‘white trash’ and Latin-American and Black Americans; the poorest and most deprived communities provide most of the troops for the Empire’s wars. This has always been the case in every empire, but in something which calls itself a democracy is pretty chilling.

The self-confessed radical certainly isn’t shy about his views. Now he’s a Labour candidate, will he repeat his view that America is “an empire” that can only “call itself a democracy” driven to war at the bidding of “fat cats” using troops he describes as “white trash”? He went on to claim that “such people” – blacks, Hispanics and “white trash” – “join the armed forces because they’re often the only way out of the poverty and lack of life chances they have”.

Carter’s anti-American bigotry, reminiscent of the kind practised by his namesake, endanger American-New Zealand relations. Why have Labour selected such a loose cannon?