Labour sings while the economy exports jobs

Fisher & Paykel move ‘damages iconic brand’ – 17 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Labour has been singing while the economy is tanking. Today almost a 1000 jobs were exported as a result of difficult conditions for manufacturing in New Zealand. Fisher and Paykel canned 430 jobs this morning and ANZ National canned 500. The beneficiaries of these job losses are Mexico and India. Labour has steadily been exporting jobs all the while singing about how great they have been in lowering unemployment.

Is it any wonder that unemployment is dropping when there are a multitude of factors involved in that equation the least of which is the governments employment policies. Firstly has been the growth in sickness beneficiaries, then the DPB, then all those who have left. The skilled people have left and the unemplyed have been soaked up to fill the void. Ask any employer about the calibre of new employees and they will tell you they are having to employ hopeless cases just to fill the position and that is all there is to choose from.

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