Labour's Cunning Stunt backfires

In their desperate attempts to deflect their blatant breaches of the Electoral Finance Act Annette King was proudly displaying unauthorised leaflets that ?anyone can pick up from the National Party”

She told parliament;

Hon Bill English: Can the Minister confirm that the only egg around is the egg on Labour?s face, given that it spent 2 years lecturing everyone else on keeping the law after it had broken it in the 2005 election, then was the first to breach the Electoral Finance Act, which that party itself had passed; and why does Labour deserve not to be referred to the police like every other party will be?

Hon ANNETTE KING: I think I will wait to see whether there will be any egg on anyone?s face, because I have to tell the House that the National Party bumper stickers I am holding have no authorisation on them and no electoral agent on them. Any member of the public of New Zealand can pick them up right now, and they say ?Party vote National?. They are on their way to the Electoral Commission for it to decide whether there will be some egg on the National Party?s face, because its members are the ones who have been berating every other party in this House for not keeping to the rules.

As she was holding up the alleged bumper stickers.

Bill looked a little puzzled ? no such bumper stickers have been part of 2008 election campaign.

But wait there is more from the lying troll

Hon Bill English: Can the Minister confirm that the Electoral Finance Act was put together by Labour as a way of punishing its critics, that it was done so badly that all parties in this House, including her own, are struggling day by day to work out how to comply with it, and that the only exception is that Labour members believe they are above the law and should not be referred to the police when they break it?

Hon ANNETTE KING: First of all, the Labour Party does not believe it is above the law. I suspect that the National Party does, because it has had this material on its website since 12 January this year; the public can get it off the website, and it is not authorised as an election advertisement. Secondly, the Labour Party did not bring in the Act to regulate other parties in this House. The Act was brought in to address the old rorters across on the other side of the House, who were busy with their fingers in the pockets of big business, trying to buy an election, and who were caught out by very good detective work by the Green Party.

Hon Bill English: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. The Minister might want to correct the impression she has given the House. National has not used that kind of insignia for a long time, and the Minister has now just confirmed that she printed it off a website. It was not actually published, yet she claimed earlier it had been published and distributed.

The information that Annette King held up was some archived information off the National Party Website dating back to the 2005 Election. They are sad, desperate, stupid liars. No wonder 50% of the country want to get rid of them. Lying in the House is now the norm. Not only that the documents that King trumpeted in the house are from a website that actually does have an authorisation on it and therefore anything inside the website is automatically authorised.

Contrast that with Labour’s own unauthorised website that similarly contains policy details and brochures from 2005. Annette King should kick her researchers in the arse for landing her even deeper in the mire with that little cunning stunt.

Do not trust Labour they are liars.