Mike Williams is a liar

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Mike Williams is a proven liar. He lied about the Stranded using their servers, he lied about Owen Glenn, he lied about the donation/loan and now he has lied about just exactly what was said at the recent disastrous Labour Party congress.

Appearing on TV ONE’s Agenda programme Labour Party President Mike Williams told Guyon Espiner he didn’t respond to the suggestion and denied he had endorsed it.

Williams: “According to people there I did not respond: ‘that is a good idea’ I simply moved on to the … next question which was the last one, so the whole thing is an incredible media beat up. It arguably never happened.”

“Make it clear it was my session and I take absolute responsibility for anything that was said there but I do not believe anything like that was said and I certainly did not hear anything like that said and neither did I endorse it.”

That looks pretty clear doesn’t it, but unfortunately for Mike Williams One News has obtained a recording of Mike Williams at the conference that is in stark contrast to his statement since the event happened. Remember also the disgusting attacks on Audrey Young when she broke the story.

Labour delegate: …hand those out when you’re going around and you can say this is what the Labour government brought in and by the way, the National Party voted against it in fact they’re better than Labour Party material because they’re informing people about things they may not be already getting.”

Williams: “Well that’s a damn good idea … (clapping) … We will have some generic stuff out for you to hand out very soon once we work out the Electoral Finance Act.

That is very, very illuminating for a number of reasons, not the least being that the President of the party that rammed through the draconian Electoral Finance Act hasn’t even worked out how it works, he says so on the tape.

Clark is trying to say she dealth with the issue. Au Contraire Prime Minister the the issue just raised its head. Your President has now proven to be a liar, much like yourself as Ian Wishart’s book shows.

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