More compulsion, next it will be compulsory to vote Labour

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The government is now trying to force us all to have compulsory insurance.

Our kids can’t eat pies or have birthday cakes at school, despite not one single person from the use of BZP that was banned all for our own good. We are told by one of the fattest MP’s in parliament that kids go hungry because they want to stay trim and another large MP to exercise when it is obvious to everyone the only exercise she gets is shovelling great wads of nosh down her gob. The Greens want to ban or force us to do all sorts of things and Harry “Retrospective” Duynhoven has decided the government must force us all to have car insurance.

This is really another tax, taking more money from the hands of those who can’t even afford food for their kids. The lickspittle client-blogs like to claim that National is in the pockets of the Insurance Council yet it is Labour that is talking about compulsion that will only line the pockets of insurance companies.