More on Bullshit

Bill Ralston: Pithy expletive set the scene – 13 Apr 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

Bill Ralston has an entire column on bullshit. Most of the bullshit he wades through is Winston’s Cullen’s and Dunne’s. John Key rightfully cops a bullshit award for his thawing toward Winston. I concur with everything Bill Ralston says especially the last few paragraphs.

Even Goff’s use of the phrase is surrounded by bullshit. Peters claims Goff never used the word and attacked the New Zealand Herald, which first ran the story, demanding an apology.

Goff’s office subsequently conceded the minister did use the word but only in general, aimed at criticism of the FTA and not Peters in particular. At the risk of repeating myself, that is bullshit.

Peters is a critic of the FTA therefore it applied to him, and others. By the way, Winston Peters and John Minto agreeing with each other is probably the ultimate absurdity.

If Winston Peters genuinely believes this Government is so severely damaging the New Zealand interests and our economy with this deal, he should resign as Foreign Minister.

If he does not, Clark should fire him because he is so obviously a liability to the course this Government wishes to set with our fourth-biggest trading partner and an emerging world superpower.

And Key could always summon the gumption to say Peters will never get such a responsible position under his premiership.