National going to court over EFA

Scoop: National seeks court clarity on election law

national is going to court to clarify some issues over the abortion of a law the Electoral Finance Act.

Firstly to seek a judicial review of the EC’s decision to allow Labour client-union the EPMU to become a third party. The other reasons are to try to establish;
1 – What is a parliamentary purpose? This seeks to clarify what elected parliamentarians and parties can spend their taxpayer-funded budgets on.

2 – Third party registrations. Does the law really allow organisations which are intertwined with political parties to run separate attack campaigns that don’t count towards a political party’s total election-year spending cap?

3 – Enforcement. What is the basis for referring matters to the police?

This law is well beyond the beltway now and is delivering daily hits on the government as ordinary Kiwi’s find out that they need legal advice to have a say.