Nine years of Hard Labour and people are living in tents

High rents force families into campground – 11 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Is this what the Prime Minister considers affordable housing? The problem is far from isolated as well with more than 100 long-term residents with about 15 to 20 families moving on to one site in the past year alone. Is this really a big gotcha of Labour for people living in hope that the socialists could actually get their shit together and manage to achieve something? The sad fact is that after nine years of Hard Labour life for the most vulnerable in society hasn’t improved one ioata, yet they still vote Labour. Does that make them Pavlov’s Dogs?

Renee Wilson, manager of the Silver Birch Holiday Park and Motel on Turret Rd, said she and her mother Bev “could not count” the amount of families and single people who had asked for long-term accommodation.

“We’ve received about 10 emails and on average get five to 10 phone calls a day. If we don’t get any, we’re surprised,” she said.

“We have heard there’s a shortage of [affordable] rentals and they all ask ‘do you know of where I can go’.”

Manager of Beachgrove Holiday Park in Mount Maunganui, Danny Fraser-Jones, also said he was receiving a steady increase of inquiries about long-term stay.

Earlier this month the Bay of Plenty Times reported inquiries by Tauranga’s low-income families for long-term accommodation were rising – putting pressure on social agencies, who say there aren’t enough cheap rentals.

Rob Raven, team leader at the Salvation Army in Tauranga, said there was no emergency housing in the city for struggling families.

There are also 141 families in Tauranga who have been assessed and are eligible for state homes through Housing New Zealand.

All are identified as “priority applicants”, but all are on a waiting list.

Once again it is the poorest of our society that are being slammed by an un-caring government focussed on a welfare mentality lifestyle. Be very sure that a vote for Labour is a vote for enduring poverty.