Nine years of Hard Labour

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A recent Colmar Brunton survey has asked 1000 kiwis about life in NZ.

A clear majority, 64 per cent said life was getting harder and only 9 percent said that life was getting easier.

Perhaps an indication about how Labour is missing out is that the most pessimistic group was those aged 40-49. That group would be getting hit hardest with mortgage rises, food prices, schooling fees and poor hospitals.

Even worse for Labour are the areas of concern.

94 per cent cited child abuse as the highest concern.
91 per cent environment
86 per cent cost of living
84 per cent security of personal information
74 per cent housing affordability

Clearly from the figures we can see why people have had enough of nine years of Hard Labour. Nothing that matters has improved under Labour in fact all of those have gotten worse.

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