No Shame

I have a friend who calls her ex “No Shame” for a whole lot of reasons but I think now that the term applies to the Labour Government.

NZPA are reporting about a shameful display of partisan politics using our veterans as pawns for their own ends.

New Zealand Defence Force and Police personnel who served in East Timor are to be presented with medals at a ceremony in the Beehive this afternoon.

Initially the ceremony, organised by Defence, was to be held in the Labour Party caucus room which National MP Judith Collins objected to.

However, it would now be held in the Beehive theatrette after Prime Minister Helen Clark intervened saying it was a more appropriate space.

The Government would extend invitations to all parties’ defence and veteran affairs spokespeople.
Initially only ministers directly involved — the PM, Police and Defence — were to attend with Defence personnel, the Australian High Commissioner, police, medal recipients and their families.

That is disgusting partisan behaviour, behaviour that is almost treason, using veterans for partisan ends. Thank God for Judith Collins speaking up.

When you take that on top of the shameful exhibition of three cabinet ministers and an MP getting a standing ovation from the Labour Congress then you can see why I will be calling them “No Shame”. They have “No Shame”, there isn’t anything they won’t do to keep their grubby hands on the levers of power.