Oh dear, the deconstruction of a meddling minister continues

Craig Foss MP: HBDHB : MidCentral DHB

For the latest installment of “The Deconstructing the Minister” case.

I understand other DHB’s including Capital and Coast, (Ken Douglas and Sir John ) DHB have also recently rolled over contracts without fresh tendering.

It is actually quite standard practice to do this, and quite alright, as long as all interests etc are declared and managed properly, as they were in HB case. In the case of HB, the board were in danger of losing over $2.5m of electives funding, announced by the Minister earlier in 2007, as management had mucked around since mid 2007 and had not even started a tendering or contracting process. The electives had to be completed by the end of the 2007 financial year otherwise the funding for HB would be lost.

Meanwhile Craig Foss has blogged about more similarities between HBDHB and other DHB’s that show that the reasons given for acting against the board of the HBDHB was tenuous at best and down-right corrupt at worst.

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