Helen Clark named ‘Champion of the Earth’ – 23 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Well fuck me!

Helen Clark gets an award for being a “Champion of the Earth”!!

Let’s look at her record as “Champion of the Earth” shall we.

The last set of greenhouse gas figures, before the election, was released this week, and NZ is 26% over its Kyoto target. By comparison Australia and the UK are on target to meet their target.

Now Labour in defence says that okay we may have an appalling actual record, but we do have some good policy. But what is the record:

  • Biofuels legislation slammed by Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
  • Tradeable Emissions scheme legislation slammed as near useless by Greenpeace
  • The deforestation disaster
  • The Fart tax debacle (the issue wasn?t that it was a tax so much as the hypocrisy of taxing for carbon debits and not letting farmers share in carbon credits)

Sheesh with a record like that its a wonder that the Chinese Premier hasn’t got the Ultimate Champion of the Earth award for pumping even more into the atmosphere that Clark.

Notable other recipients are proven liar, Al Gore.