PM: Williams' pamphlet denial due to 'confusion'

PM: Williams' pamphlet denial due to 'confusion'The Prime Minister has attributed Mike Williams‘ contradictory comments on using Government pamphlets for electioneering to “confusion”.

Helen Clark has reprimanded the Labour Party president for the second time in a week after… [NZ Politics]

Helen Clark must seriously think Kiwis are plain dumb if she thinks we are going to believe that Mike Williams was “confused”.

If he was “confused” by such a simple question then he shouldn’t be on the board of no less than five state owned or government boards raking in over $300,000 in taxpayers money.

More importantly though is Clark’s brazen attempt, not once, but twice to lay the blame on the media.

“Firstly, this was a closed session and normally journalists respect that. Clearly someone didn’t, there was a tape running. Secondly knowing that there was that tape was Mr Williams set up on the interview?”


She said it did not excuse Mike Williams but she questioned TVNZ’s ethics.

I’m sorry Ms Clark but since when has asking people to tell the truth been a question of ethics. When ask a question from a journalist Mike Williams first response has always been to lie. All of sudden it is the journalist’s ethics that are in question. Those two parapgrahs are an astonishing attack on the integrity of journalists, made more bizarre is that the union that represents journalists is none other than the union headed by heir apparent to Mike Williams job, the EPMU.

Finally the question remains as to why the Electoral Commission allowed the EPMU to register a a third party when even today Andrew Little is talking about his ascension to the Labour party presidency and he reckons they are not one and the same!