Poll devastation for Labour

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Following on from their disastrous congress Labour has been pounded in the latest TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll trailing National by a massive 17 points and National grabbing an extra 4 points since last time. One wonders whether they will learn that the public is not particularly enamoured with their continued exhibits of Key Derangement Syndrome. The play book that Labour has clutched to for 3 previous elections just isn’t working this time.

Party Vote

Poll conducted evenings on 12-17 April 2008:

National – 54%
Labour – 35%
Green Party -3.7%
NZ First -1.5%
ACT NZ – 1.1%

Preferred PM

John Key – 35%
Helen Clark – 29%
Winston Peters – 4%

Economic Outlook

“And do you think during the next 12 months the economy will be in a better state than at present, or in a worse state?”

Better – 23%
Same – 20%
Worse – 57%

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