Pressure on Labour as Nats pull away

Pressure on Labour as Nats pull awayNational has reopened a wide lead over Labour in the Herald DigiPoll survey, increasing pressure on the Government to produce a strong Budget to change its fortunes.

Labour is keen to avoid expectations running away on it on… [NZ Politics]

Yep the TV3 poll was definitely rogue. The one hope that Labour and its client-blogs were clinging to has evaporated today with the latest Herald Digipoll which show National and John Key pulling away from the government and Clark.

To make matters worse for “Measly Michael” the poll shows that tax cuts and the economy are two biggest issues for voters and worse still for “Measly Michael” it is Labour voters who mostly want tax cuts.

Here are the numbers;

National 52.1% up 2.2%
Labour 37.2% down 2.1%
Greens 5.2% hanging on by the skin of their fluoride free teeth
Winston First is a dead duck at last on 1.5%

No figures for the rest which tells you something.

Preferred PM

John Key 48%
Helen Clark 45.3%